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Vendee Activities

The Vendée has virtually every activity available as one would expect from the number one holiday destination in France.  Whatever your preferred activity, the Vendee is sure to offer it, so there's no excuse!!

Below are just some of the activities available....

Walking. Undoubtedly  the best way to see the region is to walk, you get closer and see more detail, as well as get to a lot of places and see things that you would miss with any other form of transport.
Within the Vendée there are thousands of kilometres of well marked walking routes. Each commune produces leaflets with the walks in their area and they include their length, time and things of interest to see along the way.


Cycling. There are over a thousand kilometres of cycle paths in the Vendée. The well marked routes, many of which are on specially constructed paths, are the best way to get to know the Vendée.
The Department issue plans of the routes under the label "Les SentiersCyclables" you can find these leaflets and more information on cycling in the Vendee at each village Mairie or tourist office, also details of the routes on boards in the villages.   There are various outlets to hire bikes either for the day or longer durations.


Fishing The Vendee is an excellent base for fishing, with many lakes, rivers and canals offering fishing, also coastal fishing.  Some properties on the website have carp lakes in the property grounds.   


Golf. There are 5 golf courses in the Vendée as well as a couple of others in nearby departments. Where possible we have included prices for the rounds and any other features that may help you in seeking out your golfing experience in the Vendée.   


Horse Riding. There are several equestrian centres if you have a passion for horse riding that will cater for your needs. With such wonderful countryside to explore it’s a great way to take (in) some exercise and do some sightseeing at the same time. Horse riding sessions available per hour or why not go on a horse trekking holiday?


Adventure Parks.

Try your skills, of balance and agility up in the trees. With 6 adventure parks in the Vendée you are never very far from this exciting activity. There are courses for all age groups and abilities. 
For those who want an alternative to lying on a beach then an Adventure park may well fit the bill.
The following adventure parks could be just what you are looking for.
The Parc de Pierre Brun  located in the forest of Mervent on a 25 acre site. Attractions include trampolines, a range of gigantic inflatables in the "bouncy castle" mould and bumper boats. There is something for children of all ages (and adults are allowed to play too...)
Indian Forest, Nr. Moutiers le Mauxfait has 310 events over 17 courses, with something for all the family. The Indian Forest is a newer attraction for the Vendée. Spread over two sites, the Indian forest has facilities for age 2 to adult, including eight courses of "high ropes" (elevated obstacle courses that are allegedly quite safe), giant inflatables, maxi-bungee (a trampoline / elastic rope affair that throws people 22m into the air - again, allegedly perfectly safe, though perhaps not ideal after a heavy lunch) and paint-balling.
Mervent Forest, set in the fabulous Mervent-Vouvant Forest it is an aerial assault course which will test your skills, agility and balance. Mervent Forest is similar to Indian Forest but concentrates much more on the tree-based activities and has less in the way of ground-based games. A major advantage of this site is that there are courses that can be tackled by very young children (three years and up) which means they can be included too. The park staff are excellent, some speak English very well and safety is taken very seriously.
Feeling Forest.St.Hilaire de Riez. There are 6 courses to test your agility, balance and skill up in the trees 

201 Forest Avenue, Sion-sur-l'Ocean. Bowling, laser games and fitness centre,
Tépacap. Mesnard la Barotiere, 34 hectares of parkland by the domaine de la Tricherie, 6 courses and Paintball
Le Grand Defi. 40 rue de l'Etoile, St.Julien-des-Landes.  Adventure in the trees, with 5 courses for all the family. One of the courses has Mega zip lines above the water. Open June to Early November.  Paintball is available on the same site.

Canoeing & Kayaking. With so many different types of water facilities throughout the Vendée many venues are available where you can practice your passion. There are also many places that hire the equipment. 


Surfing. The Vendée is one of the finest destinations in France for those who love to ride the waves and a round of the world championships is regularly held at La Tranche sur Mer. The Atlantic rollers together with gentle sloping beaches, the varied breaks and the long hours of sunshine make the Vendee ideal. It doesn't matter whether you are a seasoned surfer or a raw novice, the plethora of different breaks and surfing conditions along the 146 kilometres of coastline means that there is somewhere to suit all levels. For those who enjoy the long board then the variety of breaks are best around la Tranche, la Terrier and les Conches in the south, and la Tranchet near les Sables d'Olonne and la Sauveterre further north in the Vendée. If your preference is the short board or body board then most beaches will have some useable surf, though if you want the best then the beaches mentioned for the long boarding are equally good for this type of surfing. A word of warning if you intend surfing the rocky shoreline of the beaches around Cayola just south of les Sables d'Olonne, or off of the rocks just north of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, great care and a helmet are advised.


Sailing in the Vendée. The Vendée has 146 kilometres of coastline and many inland lakes and rivers, and it offers a wide range of conditions for the many differing forms of sailing. Whether your preference is wind surfing, dingy sailing, sand yachting, kite surfing or someone who just likes to sit around and watch others, the Vendée will not be a disappointment. The Vendée is home to the world’s most prodigious single handed yacht race, the Vendée Globe. 


Dinghy Sailing. From Optimist dinghies to Hobie catamarans, wherever there is water one will find dinghies, and there are several places where they can be hired. Of course if you are able to bring your own dinghy you will be overwhelmed with places to sail and the extra cost of transporting the boat may well be offset by not having the expense of hiring a dinghy. We know of nowhere where a launching fee is charged. Apart from the sea where there are endless places to launch your dingy there are many lakes where you can sail 


Wind surfers. From beginners to wave jumpers there is somewhere to suit all abilities and genres of this wide and varied sport, with the diversity of conditions available one should have no problem in finding a location to suit one’s particular level of expertise. Lessons are available for wind surfers of all levels.


Diving and Sub Aqua: various places available


Karting The Vendée has several venues where you can hire go-carts 


Flying: Whether you just want to see the Vendée from the air or take flying lessons while you are in the Vendée then both are possible, there are flights available in fixed wing aircraft, microlights, helicopters and hot air ballons. 


Jet Skiing


Moto Cross With 20 circuits in the Vendée you will be spoilt for choice. 


Paintball. For the thrills and adrenaline rush of fighting with paintball the Vendée offers several venues where you can participate


Picnics. Eating out in the fresh air is France’s most popular summer activity and in the Vendée and the facilities that are provided to help you enjoy this most relaxing and sociable activity are second to none. 


Skate boarding and Roller blades. Most larger towns, and even a few of the larger villages, have venues where you can skate board or roller blade and these are generally to a high standard.


Swimming: Swimming encompasses many forms from the simple dip in the sea, lake or pool to more rigorous sports swimming and fitness for all the possibilities the Vendee has plenty to offer.


Play Centres: For the younger members of the family these centres can bring hours of enjoyment, there are centres at:

City Zebres  La Roche-sur-Yon Rue Benjamin Franklin, Zone des petites Bazinieres Tel.02 51 24 89 02 Indoor play center for 1 to 12 year olds.

Ile aux Jeux Challans .An indoor leisure park for kids.

Ile-aux-Jeux  St Hilaire de Riez. Play centre of kids. Open April to September.



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